Brothers for Mercy

The  Official church Order to the Honorable Catechumen (the Potheads)    (PDF)  (Word Version)

With these holy orders you are commanded by the church to proclaim the genuine truths of the Word that Cannabis (KNH BSM) is sacramental. No court in the USA or anywhere in this world has the authority to criminalize your religious beliefs and practice, or to question your sincerity. The Universal Orthodox is the True Christian Religion for the New Church age and will stand behind you. The only thing that you, the honorable catechumen can do is follow the order of the church. If you are arrested for the use of KNH BSM you can use these Exhibits to tell the court that you are under marching orders from the church to proclaim the genuine truths of the Word in the Second Coming of Jesus the Anointed. A.E. 612. You are commanded to reveal the Tree of Life for healing the nations. The heathen then must take the dispute up with the church!

The marching Order for the Saints

Bill of Particulars and Special Appearance

Religious Educational Program

Step One:

Coming soon: How to return process (citations, tickets etc.) and Habeas Corpus A-Z

Bill of Particulars instructions

Special Appearance   Belligerent Claimant

The Bill Of Particulars (PDF)    (Word Version)

Affidavit in support of Bill of Particulars (PDF)   (word)

Treatise on KNH at Law (pdf)   (word)

Exhibit A  Doctrine of the revelatory Word in the holy  anointing oil of Moses

Exhibit B  KNH Mystery in History

Exhibit C  Order for Honorable Catechumen 1.77

Exhibit D  Prophets of Genuine Truth

Exhibit E  Transcript “Run from the Cure – the Rick Simpson story”




Exhibit G   Doctrine of Divine Truth

Exhibit H  Belligerent Claimant

Exhibit I   U.S. Patent #6630507 on Cannabis for Medicinal Use

Exhibit J  Marijuana in the Bible
Exhibit K   Driving Study
Exhibit L   DEA  Decision

Instructions on Plea & Counsel Affidavits(PDF)   (Word Version)

Form Denying entry of Plea(PDF)      (Word version)

Form denying appointment of counsel(PDF)   (Word Version)

Denying Plea and counsel(PDF)   (Word Version)


Motion to Quash Indictment

You must hand this Silver Bullet to the judge

and prosecuting attorney in open court!


Demand for Bill of Particulars (Supplement)

IN THEIR FACE(PDF)FIXED  (Word Version) Still rough

How to get a video camera into the courtroom

Mandamus Instructions (PDF)  (Word Version)

Mandamus Petition (PDF)  (Word Version)

Mandamus Order (PDF)  (Word Version)

Petition for review (PDF)


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The church militant against the hells part 2

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Universal Orthodox New Church

Marijuana in the Bible

For information on the Georgia Cancer Cure Tour

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The Rick Simpson story

Run from the Cure
must see video on the Tree of Life


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See Marijuana cure cancer


In Revelation:

"and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb

shall be in it; and His servants shall serve Him." xxi. 2, 3


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Twas like a dream when by the Lord

From bondage Zion was restored:

Our mouths were filled with mirth, our tongues

Were ever singing joyful songs.


The heathen owned what God had wrought;

Great works, with joy to us were brought,

As southern streams, when filled with rain,

Lord, turn our captive state again.


Who sow in tears, with joy will reap;

Though bearing precious seed they weep

While going forth, yet shall they sing,

When coming back their sheaves they bring.



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