How to get a camera into the courtroom:

Contact your local public access TV and locate a director that will get a producer certificate for your documentary. College students are a great resource. The court is notified under the Rules of the Superior Court and it is simple to do. The petition and Order for him to sign with a self addressed stamped envelope because it does not get filed in the Court Clerk’s Office. You can contact the judges’ secretary and she’ll take care of getting the order signed by the judge. Be sure and give her a copy of the Channel Time Application that the director got date stamped into the local public access TV station. With a copy of that Order issued by the court your camera man will have full access to the whole process as the Holy One of Israel is revealed.

The following is a declaration for the honorable catechumen that is challenging an Indictment for a treaty violation over the Controlled Substance Act between the United Nations and the federal government imposed in 1972.

1.  Does the District Attorney's of the State of [NAME OF YOUR STATE] withhold information when presenting a Bill of Indictment to the Grand Jury's of this State regarding the sacramental use of KNH BSM in the religion of the Anointed ones or commonly known as Orthodox Christians? YES or NO?

2.  The Citizens of the State of [NAME OF YOUR STATE] are becoming aware that the Universal Orthodox faith is in the Second Coming of Jesus Anointed with marijuana in the revealed understanding of His Word. Does the sacrament of ordination, baptism and confirmation along with the healing rites of the Christian Church doctrine conform to the Meyers test in USA v. David Meyers, Tenth Circuit (D.C. No. 95-CR-58)?  YES or NO?

3.  Is the District Attorneys office able to detail the States compelling interest in barring religious usage of Cannabis (KNH BSM) in the Orthodox Christian sacrament, under the strict scrutiny test that the RFRA demands of such regulations? Yes or No?

I [YOUR NAME] am an honorable catechumen with holy orders of the Universal Orthodox issued through the Brothers for Mercy. And therefore, I challenge the Presentment of a Bill of Indictment to the [PUT TITLE OF GRAND JURY] by District Attorney [PUT IN HIS NAME].  We of the Christian Church or the religion of the Anointed ones are required to make our religion known. The New Church of the Universal Orthodox practice is to proclaim that the tree of life is KNH in the Revelation. Because the State District Attorney's are presenting Skeletal Bills of Indictment to the Grand Jurors of this State these issues with the Christian Church are not being addressed. I know the people of this County and this State still hold that their Government give full disclosure in all of the facts of a crime when they bring charges to the Grand Jurors against any Citizen of the State of [NAME OF YOUR STATE]. The true fact that the District Attorney's of this State and the United States Attorney's are going before the Grand Jurors of this State and Nation with Skeletal Bills of Indictments was exposed by the Third Circuit Court in the ruling of:

United States of America v. Smith, William T. Jr. Patriot News Company (Limited Intervendor), Appellant, No. 85-5112. United States of America v. STONEMAN, Alan R. Patriot News Company (Limited Inter-vendor), Appellant, No. 85-5112. Nos. 85-5111, 85-5112. United States Court of Appeals, Third Circuit Argued Aug. 7, 1985 Decided Nov. 6, 1985 Citizen under, thereby circumventing any defense the, Citizen may have to quash the indictment and expose the unlawful imposition of martial law measures under the guise of statutes. The question arises, are the Grand Jurors of this State indicting their fellow Citizens under a Military Venue and a Martial-Law Jurisdiction? Would the Grand Jurors investigate the District Attorney's Office as to this Skeletal Indict­ment practice? What is the duty of all United States and State Attor­ney's? The United States Supreme Court said this:

"The United States Attorney is the representative not of an ordi­nary party to a controversy, but of a sovereignty whose obligations to govern impartially is as compelling as its obligation to govern at all; and whose interest, therefore, in a criminal prosecution is not that it should win a case, but that justice shall be done. AS SUCH, HE IS IN A PECULIAR AND VERY DEFINITE SENSE THE SERVANT OF THE LAW, THE TWOFOLD AIM OF WHICH IS THAT GUILT SHALL NOT ESCAPE OR INNOCENCE SUFFER. HE MAY PROSECUTE WITH EARNESTNESS AND VIGOR-INDEED, HE SHOULD DO SO. BUT, WHILE HE MAY STRIKE HARD BLOWS, HE IS NOT AT LIBERTY TO STRIKE FOUL ONES. IT IS AS MUCH HIS DUTY TO REFRAIN FROM IMPROPER METHODS CALCULATED TO PRODUCE A WRONGFUL CONVICTION AS IT IS TO USE EVERY LEGITIMATE MEANS TO BRING ABOUT A JUST ONE." Berger v. United States. (1934), 295 U.S. 78, 88; 55 S. Ct. 629, 79 L. ED. 1314 (Empha­sis mine)

Justice is the object of the Government Attorney's, Full disclosure is the demand of the People of [NAME OF YOUR STATE] via :

[PUT IN THE ARTICLE AND SECTION OF YOUR STATE CONSTITUTION THAT RELATES TO NATURE AND CAUSE] --- EXAMPLE: Article 1 section 11, RIGHTS OF ACCUSED IN CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS. -- 'In all criminal prosecu­tions, the accused shall have the right... to demand the nature and cause of the accusation...- Oregon State Constitution.

The true fact is, I challenged the indictment by serving the Dis­trict Attorney's Office a Demand for a BILL of Particulars citing [ARTICLE AND SECTION OF YOUR STATE CONSTITUTION] of the [NAME OF YOUR STATE] Constitution as authority to do so, and the State Attorney as of this report has refused to obey the command of the People of [NAME OF YOUR STATE].

The Brothers for Mercy proclaim the blessings of the Christian Church to those suffering under religious persecution for the sacramental and healing use of KNH BSM through these holy orders. And we become of Order by announcing to those in power of government and to the People of [NAME OF YOUR STATE] the revelation in the Second Coming of Jesus Anointed.

Together, we call upon all men and women to repent because of our evils and to beseech the Almighty for His Divine mercy in Jesus the Anointed who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.